Saturday, July 13, 2019

Magickal Gemstones and their Uses

Every crystal and gemstone has its own magickal and energy property which corresponds to its color and aligns it with the energies of a planet. Here are some basic, low-cost gemstones that will help you in your magicks:

SUNSTONE is ruled by the Sun and the element of Fire and is good for abundance, personal success and personal power. You can make a power bag with Sun herbs and a sunstone to draw success to your endeavors.

MOONSTONE is ruled by the Moon and the element of Water. It helps develop psychic awareness, dreamwork and fertility. Wear it when reading Tarot cards or using a crystal ball or as you lie down to sleep to help you remember and understand your dreams. You can charge a moonstone with the task of helping you to be fertile if you are trying to get pregnant. Then wear it or keep it in your pocket each day and particularly while making love.

CARNELIAN is ruled by Mars and the element of Fire. It helps to dispel depression and anger and brings courage and energy. You can use it in protection spells or carry it with you for protection as well as carry with you to give you vitality and health.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL is ruled by Mercury and the element of Air. Wear it to focus and sharpen the mind as well as to help you communicate more clearly. It can aid in your creative thinking and writing if you'll set a quartz cluster on your desk as you work. You can also rub a quartz crystal on an afflicted part of the body to remove energy blockages and promote healing.

AMETHYST is ruled by Jupiter and the element of Water. If you have insomnia, place one under your pillow to help you relax and sleep. Hold one in your hand or wear one during meditation to go deeper. You can also harness the prosperity energies of Jupiter by placing an amethyst in the center of your altar and burning green candles around it.

JADE is ruled by Venus and the element of Earth. It draws luck, health, long life, love and prosperity. Surround jade on your altar with pink candles to bring love or orange candles for health. Wear jade while gardening to help your garden grow.

ONYX is ruled by Saturn and the element of Earth. It stabilizes and protects. Bury one by your front door to avert negativity or wear to protect your aura. If you tend to be flighty or indecisive, wear one to help you to ground your energies.

To combine the energies of gemstones and crystals for special projects, first charge them with the focus of your intention then place them in a bag of the proper color and carry or wear to draw the results to yourself. Some combinations could be:

» PROTECTION - Garnet, Onyx, Obsidian and Quartz Crystal in a white bag.

» PROSPERITY - Jade, Peridot, Gold Tiger's Eye and Sunstone in a green bag.

» LOVE - Rose Quartz, Jade, Malachite and Red Jasper in a pink bag.

» INTUITION - Spectrolite, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone and Tanzanite in a purple bag.

» SERENITY - Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Quartz Crystal and Jade in a blue bag.

This material has been provided for educational purposes for your own personal use, I am NOT the Author of this material and is it posted in good faith of sharing information with other's who walk the various paths.

Friday, May 24, 2019


Lots going on of late and the pain side of things isnt geting any better unfortunately feels like its only increasing.

Ever since the nerve conduction test it has been worse then I've experienced in the past and finding comfort is like a dream it hasn't happened yet.

Walking is getting harder and standing is also harder and more painful, not sure how I'm pushing through this but I am.