Saturday, February 3, 2001

Creating Your Own Candle

Creating Your Own Candle

An Easy Way To Make Your Own Candles


Paraffin wax, or scraps of left over candles.

Crayons (for color), or candle dye.

A strand of candle wick (you can get 6' or more for under $3.00 at your craft store. This will last a long time.)

Small coffee can, or small metal container.

Small pot.

Heat-proof containers, (such as shot glasses, film canisters that 35mm film comes in, prescription medication bottles, or empty jello pudding cups.)

Cooking spray. (to coat inside of mold)


Funnel. (Optional, but makes it easier)

Wooden spoon. (To stir the wax with)

Wax paper or foil. (To catch wax drippings)

Wick tabs (wick tabs are the small metal tabs that are used in candle making.)

Herbs, stones, and oils. (optional)

Place wax inside coffe can.

Place coffee can inside pot.

Fill pot with water until you reach half way up the outside of the can.

Heat the pot of water until the wax melts. DO NOT TURN HEAT UP TO FAR, WAX CAN CATCH ON FIRE! (at this time, add crayon or wax coloring until you've reached your desired color.)

After wax and color is completely melted, turn off the heat. Remember to stir your wax every so often.

Spray cooking spray inside your containers.

Cut off a length of wick and attach it at the bottom of your container with a wick tab.

Wrap the top of the wick around a toothpick and support it on top of the container.

Now is the time to add your herbs, stones, or oils if you desire.

Be sure to place wax paper or foil under your work area before pouring you candles. Wax is not fun to scrape off of surfaces. (I speak from experience here. *grin*)

Pour the wax into the containers using your funnel.

After you have poured as many candles as you want, let them sit for 4-6 hours before attempting to remove them from the containers. (If you are having trouble getting the candles out of the containers, I discovered they will release easier by putting them into the freezer for approx. Half an hour.

After removing the candles from the containers, wipe away the oily substance and let them sit for at least another 3-4 hours to dry.

If you have left over wax in your coffee can, allow it to cool, then put a lid on it and store it away until next time.