Thursday, November 18, 2004

PCOS update and more

Well its been a while since I posted anything about my health and its relation to PCOS, so here goes nothing.

Its been 11 months since I was first told I had PCOS, though I was told that I’d likely had it since I was 9 or rather that would have been when things starting fing up within my system. It took them over 15 years to be able to tell me what I had, all those tests, all those medical appointments and all that freaking time spent in the hospital having test run year after year, glad it over, but it still makes me mad that I had to go though that stuff, I know full well that 15+ years ago PCOS research was still young, but it was know maybe not as wide as it is now, but it was known, which to me means by age 16 I should have been able to get the correct diagnosis, not “you over weight, thats your problem” type comments, which always pissed me off since I was not over eating, and I was working out several times a day.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

PCOS and what Supplements I take

Well when it comes to weight loss, for myself its taken the addition of supplements to boost my body into lousing the extra weight – eating healthy and being active just wasn’t cutting it, I needed the addition of various supplements to help my body shed the excess.

In two years I was able to shed 50 pounds, with taking the supplements plus my standard healthy eating and activities.

Now when it comes to the supplements, I am currently under my doctors directive when it comes to what supplements I take – for the most part I am taking the following supplements according to the direction of my doc and the bottles recommendations…

Flex Seed – 1,000mg
Wild Salmon Oil – 1000mg
Calcium – 333mg
Magnesium – 167mg
Vitamin D – 1,000 IU )
Chealted Chromium – 200mcg
Beta Carotene – 10,000 IU
Pacific Kelp – 650mg
Orderless garlic – 500mg
Vitamin E – 200IU
Vitamin B12 – 1,200 mcg
Vitamin B50 Complex
Vitamin B6 – 250 mg
Vitamin C – 500mg
CoQ10 – 30mg
Milk Thistle – 4,500mg
Vitamin A – 10,000 IU
Zink – 50mg
Selenium – 50mcg
Folic Acid – 1mg
Ginkgo Biloba – 2,000mg
Brewer’s Yeast – 500mg
Niacine – 500mg
Evening Primrose – 500mg

Luck and take care everyone,

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Supplements for PCOS

Supplements for PCOS
Compiled by: Nyx Wolfwalker

The supplements recommended below have been studied in clinical trials and have been found to be effective in connection with PCOS. For best results you should take them over a period of three months, at the end of which you should be reassessed in order to monitor improvements and changes and then adjust the supplement programme according to your new condition.

If you been using the Pill to regulate your periods, you may have an even greater imbalance between a number of key vitamins and minerals. Correcting this imbalance will go a long way towards treating the root cause of the problem.