Friday, March 30, 2012

Second Life and Direct Delivery on Marketplace = #fail

Well its been rolled out for a while now, but there don't seem to be any actual fixes in the works (or if there is, they have not yet been implemented). What am I talking about? Simple Second Life has a external/internal section called MarketPlace that allows in world creators to sell their wears though the second life site itself to other's in world without having to have an in world store for the Avatar to go to and you don't even have to be online and in world for them to look at what you have on offer, they just look at your listening and if they like it they log in and buy it and it gets delivered to them directly without them having to go to a store in-world or anything.

The issue is that the original workings which had been in place long before Linden Labs took over the company (Market Place was once an independently owned company that LL bought out), and up till now though there was errors they where not bad enough to cause to much issues but that's in the pass and the new changes are leaving many merchants in the dark and dust in some cases.

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