Thursday, November 18, 2004

PCOS update and more

Well its been a while since I posted anything about my health and its relation to PCOS, so here goes nothing.

Its been 11 months since I was first told I had PCOS, though I was told that I’d likely had it since I was 9 or rather that would have been when things starting fing up within my system. It took them over 15 years to be able to tell me what I had, all those tests, all those medical appointments and all that freaking time spent in the hospital having test run year after year, glad it over, but it still makes me mad that I had to go though that stuff, I know full well that 15+ years ago PCOS research was still young, but it was know maybe not as wide as it is now, but it was known, which to me means by age 16 I should have been able to get the correct diagnosis, not “you over weight, thats your problem” type comments, which always pissed me off since I was not over eating, and I was working out several times a day.